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Business Intelligence School (BIS)

Welcoming the new era of the digital age with business concept as core foundation and using data science as an integrating tool.

About BIS

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology’s (NKUST) Business Intelligence School (BIS) aims to integrate business intelligence with data science in addressing the needs to the new digital age.  It has recently partnered with Microsoft Taiwan for its AI-100 Project, making BIS the first academic institution in Southern Taiwan to integrate the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) to its curriculum.


BIS is committed to promoting the digital transformation in business education.  The MPP training and certification shall lead to a specialization in Microsoft Data Science that shall cultivate BI - capable talents that are internationally competitive and in response to the needs of the industry in the new era of digital age. 


The compulsory modules in all departments of BIS are:


  • Essential Statistics for Data Analysis
  • Programming
  • Database Administration, Application and Manipulation
  • Business Analytics and Decision Making


The BIS common elective courses which will lead to Diploma of Excel for the Data Analyst issued by Microsoft are:


  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data
  • Essential Statistics for Data Analysis


Five academic departments of the Business Intelligence School has that offers programs for the undergraduate and graduate levels: Finance and Information, Accounting and Information Systems, Intelligent Commerce, Tourism Management, and Public Finance & Taxation.




"To Cultivates Talents in Commerce Equipped with STEM Knowledge and Skills for the Digital Era."


The Business Intelligence School at NKUST is committed to fostering graduates from multifaceted domain with business intelligence, equipped them with the ability to extract and analyze data to enhance decision-making and analytics.



Academic Program




Accounting and Information Systems

Public Finance and Taxation

Finance and Information

Intelligent Commerce

Tourism Management



Accounting and Information Systems (AIS)

Integrates Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Data Analysis to Accounting domain to optimize the potentials of students to their future accounting profession in the private or government sector.


Finance and Information (FI)

Provides an innovative curriculum in Management of Financial Institutions with specialization in Information System for the banking, insurance, and investment decisions.


Public Finance and Taxation (PFT)

Cultivates future tax managers with the necessary decision making and management skills in accounting, finance, and auditing to ensure accuracy in filing and adherence to the law.  


Tourism Management (TM)

Introduces a strengthen program that integrates business intelligence and data analytics with the curricula that focuses on tourism and hospitality management.


Intelligent Commerce (IC)

A cross-disciplinary approach between information science and management. Combining Commerce and Computer Science, the Department of Intelligence Commerce cultivates the skills to harness big data and commercialize digital innovations or intellectual property.